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This new medium enhances the creative process and writing efficiency for anyone trying to get their song out.

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With over 6000 chord options to choose from, it’s easy to keep those creative sparks coming. Song is built on chord families so you can mix, match, and make noise.



We know the creative process can be messy, but that doesn’t mean you should keep loosing your ideas. Song is here to bring order to the unwanted chaos.


the builder

Filter Chords

Narrow down the chord types or try out our Randomizer option. It will generate 14 random chords for your songwriting exploration.

Chord Lookup

While exploring the library, you can lookup chords and now, while writing, you can search and even bring in chords from other keys!


Want to switch up the order, remove, or duplicate a chord that you’ve added? No problem! Tap on Restructure and fine tune.


This is where personal flare collides with otherwise static chords. Once your guitar is nearby, you know what to do.



Tap on the chords to hear what they sound like first. You’ll save tons of time chasing your sound when you don’t have to worry about playing the chords that wouldn’t have worked for your song.

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the chords

Practice your progression by seeing and hearing what each chord should sound like. We have over 6000 chords from all 21 types, not just the Majors, Minors, and 7ths.

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A Custom Library

full of chords

Song™ is built on top of a custom curated library powered by chord families. We’ve included over 6000 chords within the 24 key options and provide variations within the 21+ types.

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No Such Thing As


It’s easy to get lost in the details about theory and intricacies of music. Song™ is here to help guide you in getting your song out to the world. You don’t have to be a theory expert in order to have fun and write something you believe in.


Noisey People

We have a wonderful community of song lovers from all over the globe. We hope to continue shaping Song into a tool that serves you best!

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Start finding your noise today!

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