Write By Sound

Use our custom progression builder to quickly test, build, and save song ideas.

Be Organized

Song ideas, notes, and recordings all in one place for a better, more efficient, songwriting workflow.

Fast Inspiration

Try our "Quick Chords" filter in the progression builder and you will be given instant inspiration driven by theory.

Songwriting isn't just for theory experts!

Create with the power of chord families & be sure to try our Quick Chords filter for theory driven inspiration!

We can give you the chords that go together in C major, the chords for the arpeggios in D major for the solos, or the chords for the vocals in G major. Our app is built on a custom chord library that allows you to capture, write, and plan out all of your songwriting ideas to give you the kind of songwriting power you deserve.

What kind of songs will you write with that kind of information at your fingertip? Get ready to sound like the musical genious you are even if you don't know the definitiion of an arpeggio yet.

How Does It Work?

In short, Song™ allows you to hear and plan your song ideas, add recordings and lyrics, and it helps you keep all those ideas organized!

Screens From The App

Here are a handful of screens so that you can get a preview of this songwriting tool.

Start Writing and Learning with Song™

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