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Fernando Montoya - Using the 98 Chords Key of C Poster

So what are you about to watch?

In short, it's a songwriting case study. We approached Fernando with the task of writing a song using the Key of C poster. The tricky part was, we only gave him 1 day to do it.

Within minutes of mixing and matching various chords from the poster, he had constructed the foundation for his new, on the spot, tune. The rest of the day was spent polishing off the strumming and adding his personal flare to make the song his own. He even surprised us by pulling in lyrics!

We made the video above to, not only get a recording of his great work, but to also give you a chance to hear a musician's first hand experience with using the tool.

The takeaway, which ended up being what we had hoped for, is that:
If you play the chords that are made up of the notes of the key you are in, then all of your chords will sound good together.

Jump start your songwriting and play as the best version of yourself...